Electricity Management

electricity-iconAt Managing Utilities, we are able to reduce your expenditure by carefully examining your contracts and handling your electricity management for you.  Our experts have the experience and market knowledge to ensure that your business costs are kept down to the minimum.  Our electricity management service allows you to concentrate on running your business effectively while we work hard at saving you money.

With our help you will:
  • Save money on the initial procurement
  • Not pay over the odds when contracts roll over
  • Have access to all of our knowledge and experience in the industry
  • Keep costs low by reducing usage
  • Have the best deal through our extensive relations built up throughout the whole supply chain

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Electricity Management – how can we help?

Many businesses handle their electricity procurement themselves which can result in contracts being arranged and signed without all the background market knowledge that our team have at their disposal.  As a result, these businesses can end up paying over the market rate for their electricity.  Knowing the market, and how the market prices react to certain factors helps us to know when to sign contracts to obtain the best prices for our clients.

One way in which many businesses lose out is through contracts rolling over at the end of a term.  This can result in and automatic change of rates, or the contract rate remaining the same when the market price has dropped.  Without the careful work by the electricity management team at Managing Utilities, your business could lose out year on year when contracts automatically roll over.  We can ensure that you will receive the best prices available on the market.

Our knowledge and expertise in handling utilities contracts also allows us to analyse contracts to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible for the lowest prices.  We can help your business to save money and if the need arises we can assist you in dealing with your suppliers to get the best deal possible.

Electricity Management – reducing your usage

On way to reduce your electricity bill is through the reduction of your electricity usage.  We can assist by providing you with some useful insights on how to reduce your monthly bills.  We can analyse how you use your electricity and find ways for you to save money.

Electricity Management – get in touch

We can provide you with free independent advice to assist you in making substantial savings.  If you would like to know more about our services, including electricity management, please feel free to get in touch with on  0845 129 7124.

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