Utility Management

Utility management is our business.  Let us help you with your business.

  • Hands-on and proactive: we remove the hassle factor
  • No security deposits
  • We can purchase on behalf of clients with poor credit rating
  • Contracts never roll over- our contact management system does not allow this.
  • Leading experience within the Commercial property sector (Montagu Evans ’03 Workman ’04) .
  • We have UK wide coverage.
  • Committed to generating substantial financial savings – previously saved £75K on a single site & returned £325k to a group via account consolidation
  • Unrivalled supplier relationship- reconnections, historic disputes, ex tenant non payment.
  • No long phone calls  to Utility Suppliers – Managing Utilities will handle these.


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Get in touch  ||  t: 0845 129 7124  ||  e: info@managingutilities.co.uk

Our Tender Process

We seek to have a tendering process which makes the most of our extensive knowledge to create the greatest savings possible for your business.  Our process includes:

  • Analysis of existing energy tariffs;
  • Market advice & updates, tracking markets, market intelligence;
  • Formal Tender – including data collation, tender documentation, market knowledge;
  • Eliminating suppliers from tender process who have:
    • unrealistic credit terms 
    • late payment penalties
    • unclear contract terms, hidden charges
    • rolled over out of contract terms
  • Thorough review of supplier’s contract terms and conditions;
  • Contract transfer process management;
  • Verification of accuracy of initial invoices

Ongoing invoice management and validation

We also keep track of all invoices to ensure that all charges are correct and validated.  This ensures that our clients receive the full care and attention to detail that they would expect without any of the fuss involved in monitoring their utilities contracts themselves.  This ongoing process involves:


  • Recording and verifying invoice data against your historic records
  • Flagging potential issues then fixing them
  • Recovery of overcharges Budget monitoring
  • Accrual management in the absence of accurate supplier invoices
  • Dealing with straightforward billing issues, through to protracted dispute resolution,

We save our clients money year in, year out, through effective utility management solutions.  Working across all industries and through our extensive knowledge and experience we can work with you to provide a better, more cost effective range of services for your business.  Every business can save money through effective utility management and we can help you do so.

We are constantly monitoring the market looking for opportunities which can impact our decision making and the advice given to our clients over their purchasing.  Naturally the markets are volatile and effected by a wide range of factors including geo-political influences, however we ensure that while we can’t see the future we are certainly able to react quickly to take advantage of any situation.

Our services run across all utilities, and by providing a joined-up service that looks at the whole of your utility supply we give you great savings across the board.  Our experts will know when you are being charged too much and can negotiate better terms for your business, while taking away the stress of handling suppliers.

Utilities Management – get in touch

We can provide you with free independent advice to assist you in making substantial savings.  If you would like to know more about our services please feel free to get in touch with on  0845 129 7124.

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